About Siggy's Carpet Cleaning

Siggy’s or Ziggy’s Carpet Cleaning has been around since 1971 and has been growing ever since. Our customers use us again and again because of the quality work we perform. Our customers are not just a number to us, but a face and a name. We enjoy serving the public and always look for better products and equipment, with which we can perform that quality job that customers expect, and rightfully deserve for their money. Chris and Teri Rossi

Siggy’s Carpet Cleaning was founded by Tom Siegmann A.K.A. Siggy. He was one of the first Steam Cleaners in Contra Costa County. He worked out of a mail truck with a portable for many years. Later on he built a truck mount steam clean system and put it in a Toyota box truck. Siggy belonged to many Chamber of Commerce’s, you would see him at the mixers with a bright red shirt, laughing, and having a great time. In 1999 his son in law Chris Rossi started working with the company and was “Siggy trained” on how to clean the carpet. In 2003 Siggy wanted to retire and his daughter and son in law bought Siggy’s Carpet Cleaning. Siggy tried to retire but with all the energy he had he couldn’t. Within 2 weeks he came back and moved to Brentwood and expanded Siggy’s to the East Contra Costa County.